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Everything you need to reshape your life and see real, life long results.

Contour Light

Contour light is the life blood of what we do at reShape. It has incredible benefits for weight loss and toning, but it is more than that. It is also effective for pain management, inflammation reduction, skin rejuvenation, accelerated healing, as well as a plethora of brain and mental health benefits.

What to Expect

Expect to lose inches even after your first visit! The first visit will begin with a consultation where you will answer some questions and have your weight and measurements taken.

The actual treatment is very relaxing and takes 30 minutes. The treatment does not work through clothing so any areas that you would like addressed will need to be uncovered. It is best to wear a bra and thong. Paper thongs are available if needed. Your red light technician will help you get all set up on the table and after that you can just relax and enjoy.

The red light therapy is followed by a session on the vibrator plate that aids your body in the elimination of fat through the cells and the lymphatic system.


Red light therapy is just the beginning at reShape! We are here to support your health journey in every way we can.

One of the best ways to maximize the benefits of red light therapy is with your diet. Optavia is not just any diet plan. The key to success is through the coaching that is included!

No matter what you’re facing, your Coach has likely been in your same shoes and can help steer you to success. Your Coach will guide you through the Habits of Health Transformational System and help you develop healthy new habits and make healthy choices that can lead to lifelong transformation. Your Coach guides and helps you celebrate the little victories that add up to the big ones.

Life Long Vitality

The perfect capstone to all the services offered at reShape is the Life Long Vitality supplement regimen.

We don’t offer these supplements lightly, we offer them because they are truly life changing. Packed with nutrients, they have metabolic benefits for your body, which further aids in your health and weight loss journey so that you can see MAXIMUM results.

Having extra pounds for an extended period of time can really take a toll on your body. As you begin to lose weight and feel better, these supplements will help your body to promote newfound energy, restored health, and as the name suggests, life-long vitality.