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My Story

After giving birth to my second child, I found myself wearing 2X shirts that were getting too small. I wondered, “Why are they making the shirts smaller?” as if that was the issue. My stomach jiggled walking down the stairs and made me feel gross. My maternity pants were the only pants that still fit.

I was embarrassed and ashamed and hiding wasn’t an option.

I was not going to stay that way.

I did the hustle of at home workouts, diet plans like weight watchers, and hitting the gym, but it wasn’t until someone else believed in me and supported me that I saw results.

I lost weight, but it didn’t last because other aspects of my health including my eating habits, mental health, and chronic illness weighed me down.

I had no energy, I could barely even stand for 3 songs at church without feeling fatigued. I couldn’t get off the couch. I was depressed. I felt so sad, so tired, and so ugly.

That’s when my life changed.

Life Long Vitality

Life Long Vitality supplements were the first step I needed to live my best life. I fully believe that they gave me my life back.

Life Long Vitality changed my health from the inside out. They gave me the energy and motivation I needed to start feeling determined again.

They gave me hope and made everything else feel possible.

I couldn’t have made real changes in my health without starting with Life Long Vitality, let alone try to lose weight.


While the supplements really gave my health and outlook a boost, they couldn’t keep up with my poor diet. I still wasn’t losing weight even though I felt incredibly better.

I was still an emotional eater and every diet I tried failed. Until I tried OPTAVIA. What made the difference was the same thing that made the difference the first time that I lost weight:

I had someone that believed in me.

The most important part of the OPTAVIA program is the coaching. Having someone who was willing to come alongside me and cheer me on every week made a monumental difference.

Finally, I was seeing results.

And it didn’t stop there!

Red Light Therapy

Finally, I was getting healthier, I was eating right, I had the support that I needed and I was seeing results… slowly.

I decided to give red light therapy a try and it was the best thing I’ve ever done. I started reShape because of it, after all!

After my first treatment, I lost 5 inches! FIVE! Seeing immediate results was incredible. It gave me so much more motivation and determination. It made me see how possible it is to get results.

Doing red light therapy reshaped my mindset at the same time that it reshaped my body. It had a synergistic effect with everything else that I was doing to help me stay on the path of weight loss and increased health.

Now, I want to help other people see dramatic results, just like I did. That is why I am coaching and offering these services. I can’t keep this success to myself!

You can see results too.

Every service that I offer has an incredible amount of value (otherwise I wouldn’t be offering it!)

However, if you want to see incredible results like I did, I have to recommend going with the full package. Everything that I offer works together seamlessly to not only help you lose weight, but to add to your entire quality of life.

My subscription package includes everything you need at an incredible, practically unheard of value! You will have every life changing option that I mentioned above for one easy monthly payment. You will save thousands with this subscription and you will see more rapid results compared to trying everything individually.

Now is the time for you to take action. Now is the time to choose for yourself whether you want to keep feeling like I used to, or if you are ready for real, positive, and lasting change.

You are totally welcome to try out everything one at a time, to dip your toe into the water. That’s how I started, after all. If you really are ready to see results we can work together to make it happen! I am here to support YOU on YOUR journey to health and wellness.

Now, Not Later.